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Jaapa Lite On Your Plate

Jaapa Lite On Your Plate

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and convenience with Jaapa On Your Plate Lite, our curated postpartum food hamper tailored for new mothers. Embracing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this comprehensive solution is designed to offer optimal nutrition and ease during the demanding postpartum period.

Why Jaapa On Your Plate Lite?

  1. Nutrient-Rich Ayurvedic Staples: Each hamper includes thoughtfully chosen Ayurvedic ingredients known for their postpartum benefits. From nourishing grains to healing herbs, we've crafted a selection that aligns with traditional practices to support your recovery journey.
  2. Minimal Preparation, Maximum Convenience: Recognizing the time constraints new mothers face, the Lite version streamlines the cooking process. With minimal preparation required, you can enjoy a wholesome meal without compromising on nutritional value.
  3. Balanced and Nutritious: We understand the importance of a well-rounded diet for postpartum recovery. Jaapa On Your Plate Lite ensures a balanced intake of essential nutrients, aiding in your overall well-being during this crucial period.
  4. Time and Energy Saver: Jaapa On Your Plate Lite is designed to help you save time and conserve energy. We've taken care of the planning and sourcing, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your recovery and bonding with your newborn.
  5. Timetable Included: The hamper comes with a carefully crafted timetable, guiding you through the optimal consumption of items to enhance their effectiveness. We aim to make your postpartum journey as smooth and supported as possible.

Jaapa On Your Plate Lite is not just a hamper; it's a holistic approach to postpartum care. Trust us to provide you with the essentials needed for a seamless recovery, allowing you to cherish every moment with your new bundle of joy.

Order your Jaapa On Your Plate Lite today and embark on a nourishing postpartum journey rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom!

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  • Hassle Free Convenience

    With "Jaapa On Your Plate", the most you have to do is Boil water!

  • Detailed Timetable & Guidance

    We Provide you witha a comprehensible timetable and essential Do's & Dont's, ensuring you have all the guidance you need to support your postpartum recovery effectively.

  • Optimal Nutrition

    Our expertly crafted meals are designed to provide you with the right blend of nutrients to promote heaing, boost energy levels and support lactation. Each dish is prepared with care to meet the unique requirements of new mothers

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Benefits of Core Products

• “Ajwain Heeng Pachak” - to prevent constipation
• “Heeng Phoola” - to prevent flatulence
• “Battisa Potli” - the right drinking water aiding in digestion
• “Badami Saunf Masala” - is a digestive stimulant
• “Mishri Gulkand” - cools the stomach
• “Dashmool Kadha” - for preventing postpartum fever
• “Sitopaladi” - for preventing cold and cough
• “Haldi Goli” - for faster healing
• “Kamarkas” - for lower back strength
• “Jeera Mix” - for improving lactation
• “Mom's Milk Masala” - to balance hormones
• Home extracted cold press “Almond Oil” - for your precious hair
• “Nutty Suwa Bhurki” for Lactation

Hamper Contents

Consume As Is

Ajwain Heeng Mix

Mishri Gulkand

Haldi Goli


Jeera Mix

Mom’s Milk Masala

Badami Saunf Masala

Nutty Suva Bhurki

Kankari Ajwain

Roasted Foxnuts


Ajwain ladoo 

Gaund Moi

Saunth Moi

Saunth Ladoo

Gaund Giri Barfi

Roasted Almond


Gaund Ladoo

Ingredients For Everyday Cooking

Turmeric Powder


Saturated Butter (Ghee)

Ajwain (Whole)

Moong Wadi

Moong Flour

Millet Flour



Little Preparation Required





Ajwain Peji

Upma (Premix)

Kesri Badam Premix

Badam Halwa