About Us

We at Livsatvik believe in purity and simplicity. In this world of adulteration, we aim at providing products in their purest form.

A growing trend of nuclear families and a fast paced life has led to diminishing knowledge & importance of postnatal diet and home made products. Using pure products makes us realise the hidden potential they have to cure our everyday problems naturally.

Livsatvik is a one stop destination for food requirements to get the new mother fit as a fiddle in forty days post delivery. We provide semi/fully prepared ingredients along with well researched & time tested recipes. An easy to follow time table for food consumption. We grow some of the ingredients needed and procure the rest from the best sources across the country. The ingredients are pre-prepared in the hamper and ready for the kitchen top for making your delicious preparations !

Our in-house dairy of desi GIR COWS gives us access to pure milk. Using the technique of ‘bilona’ we churn out butter from curd, which in turn is heated to make Ghee. Ghee so obtained has numerous benefits as per Ayurveda.

Our home made products are made authentically using the best of ingredients. No artificial colour, essence or preservative is added.

Our organically grown farm produce is rich in flavour & aroma.

Let’s build a healthier and happier tomorrow !