Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a crucial and transformative stage for both mother and child. Therefore, it is important to prioritise care during this period and in the days following childbirth.

Our grandmothers prepared nutritious homemade mixtures that are immensely beneficial. These traditional remedies played a vital role in easing the challenges of pregnancy and restoring maternal health in the postpartum period.

When these pure and natural foods are consumed in the right combinations, they help in good lactation followed by healthy weight loss.

         When you decide to have a baby, it is important to reduce consumption of packaged products and eliminate all sugar-free products (saccharine, etc). There is no shortcut to achieving good health and for that regular exercise and active lifestyle are a must. This helps to absorb calcium and maintain bone density. Also, strive to minimize stress levels and prioritize quality sleep in order to support a healthy pregnancy.