What Is Jaapa?

What is Jaapa?

Welcome to Livsatvik, where we celebrate the time-honored tradition of Postpartum Care, known as "Jaapa," a sacred science and cultural practice passed down through generations in our beloved country. Jaapa is not just a ritual but a holistic approach essential for the optimal well-being of both the mother and the newborn. At Livsatvik, we recognize the depth of this tradition and have woven it into the fabric of our postpartum food hampers.

During the Jaapa period, our focus is on nurturing the new mother to ensure her complete recovery and the healthy development of her child. We emphasize extended periods of rest, providing a crucial foundation for rebuilding energy, boosting immunity, preventing infections, and safeguarding against postpartum depression. Regular massages, tailored for both mother and child, play a pivotal role in enhancing blood circulation and reducing stress hormones.

Central to the Jaapa tradition is the meticulously crafted "Jaapa Diet," comprising specific superfoods aimed at rejuvenating and healing the new mother's body. This specialized diet works wonders, aiding in restoring the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size and condition, balancing hormones, and promoting optimal lactation. Crafting this specialized diet is no easy feat.


What we do

Crafting the Jaapa Diet is an art form in itself. The procurement of ingredients, such as the elusive "Sathwa Saunth" and "Desi Khand," requires precision and dedication. At Livsatvik farms, we take pride in overseeing the entire process of creating desi cow bilona ghee, from raising the cows to churning the butter to producing the golden elixir – all done in-house.

Transforming these raw ingredients into their usable form is a laborious and skill-intensive process that demands meticulous attention and craftsmanship. Even the drinking water for the mother is elevated to a therapeutic level through the infusion of "Battise ka potli," a concoction of over 30 ingredients carefully blended through pounding and sieving.

Delving further into our commitment to authenticity, certain ingredients, like "Ajwain," undergo a 48-hour treatment with kaccha desi cow milk, showcasing our dedication to preserving and fortifying traditional recipes. In a world where the knowledge passed down from our grandmothers is gradually fading, Livsatvik stands as a guardian, blending the wisdom of our cultural heritage with the needs of 21st-century mothers.

Our personalized postpartum hampers are a testament to this commitment. They are thoughtfully curated to address modern concerns such as postpartum depression, lactation challenges, weight loss, and fatigue. At Livsatvik, we aim to make your Jaapa experience not only authentic but also enjoyable and hassle-free.

Embark on this journey with us, where tradition and innovation converge seamlessly, providing a holistic postpartum care experience for both mothers and their precious newborns. Livsatvik – where the essence of Jaapa thrives in every nourishing bite.


What’s the importance of the “Jaapa Diet”?


Consisting of very specific superfoods, the Jaapa diet aims to rejuvenate and heal the new mother’s body. It is instrumental in bringing the uterus back to its pre pregnancy size and condition, balancing the various hormones and boosting lactation. Getting this food ready has its own set of challenges.

Procurement of ingredients from the correct source is paramount, with correct ingredients such as “Sathwa Saunth”, “Desi Khand” available only in very specific places across the country.
Preparing the very important desi cow bilona ghee from rearing the cows to churning the butter to making the ghee is all done by us at Livsatvik farms.

Converting these ingredients into their usable form is a time consuming, laborious and skilled process that requires meticulous attention and craftsmanship.

The drinking water for the mother is supposed to be infused with “Battise ka potli”. This potli is a combination of over 30 different ingredients blended together by pounding and sieving.
Ingredients like “Ajwain” need to be treated with kaccha desi cow milk, the process lasting more than 48 hours.

For so long, we have relied
on our grandmother’s expertise. However, today we are rapidly losing this knowledge. Using this wealth of knowledge, We, at Livsatvik have fortified these traditional recipes to meet the needs of 21st century mothers addressing relevant issues such as postpartum depression, lactation, weight loss and fatigue.

By creating personalised postpartum hampers, we aim to make your jaapa enjoyable and hassle free.


What are the Health benefits of the Jaapa Diet ?

  • “Ajwain Heeng Pachak” - to prevent constipation
  • “Heeng Phoola” - to prevent flatulence
  • “Battisa Potli” - the right drinking water aiding in digestion
  • “Badami Saunf Masala” - is a digestive stimulant
  • “Mishri Gulkand” - cools the stomach
  • “Dashmool Kadha” - for preventing postpartum fever
  • “Sitopaladi” - for preventing cold and cough
  • “Haldi Goli” - for faster healing
  • “Kamarkas” - for lower back strength
  • “Jeera Mix” - for improving lactation
  • “Mom's Milk Masala” - to balance hormones
  • Home extracted cold press “Almond Oil” - for your precious hair
  • “Nutty Suwa Bhurki” for Lactation

What is the Importance of recommended food during post partum period?




Enhances hair luster.

Helps in reducing fat accumulation in the stomach, butt, and thighs.

Carom Seeds (Ajwain): 

Known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a reliable remedy for digestion issues.

Eases gas and acidity caused by a disturbed sleep cycle that babies cause.

Known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a reliable remedy for digestion issues.

Edible Gum (Gaund):

Nourishes the brain, aids digestion, and boosts the immune system.

Acts as an anti-aging agent and is known for restoring sexual vigor.


Offers protection against infections and illnesses.

Has a calming effect on the mind.

Garden Cress Seeds (Aliv):

Rich in iron, it helps prevent fatigue and irritability.

Sesame Seeds (Til):

Provides support for strength in the spine and mind.

Traditionally associated with enhancing Arabic women's complexion and promoting ageless skin.


Prepared using the Bilona method with full-fat milk from desi cows (not from Houston or Jersey cows).

Improves intestinal function and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Aids in fat burning and helps manage blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Recommended in good amounts, especially for those with a history of diabetes.

Application on the soles of the feet can prevent constipation and promote better sleep.


Possesses neuroprotective properties, preventing brain and muscle degeneration.

Helps prevent eye strain and protects the heart and nerves.