Welcome to Livsatvik: Nourishing Traditions for Global Well-being

At Livsatvik, we extend a warm welcome to you, embracing the time-honored tradition of Postpartum Care, known as "Jaapa." Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Jaapa is more than a ritual; it is a holistic approach to nurturing both the mother and the newborn. With a commitment to preserving this invaluable tradition, we've seamlessly woven it into the essence of our postpartum food hamper.

Why Postnatal Care Matters

Postpartum Care or “Jaapa” is a science and culture passed down through generations in our country. The Jaapa period is vital for the child's healthy development and the complete recovery of the mother. During this sacred time, the new mother is encouraged to indulge in extended periods of rest, fostering energy rebuilding, immunity boosting, infection prevention, and guarding against postpartum depression. Regular massages tailored for both mother and child stimulate blood flow and reduce stress hormones.

The Meticulously Crafted "Jaapa Diet"

Central to Jaapa is our meticulously crafted "Jaapa Diet," featuring specific superfoods aimed at rejuvenating and healing the new mother's body. This diet is instrumental in restoring the uterus to its pre-pregnancy state, balancing hormones, and promoting optimal lactation.

Our Craftsmanship at Livsatvik Farms

Crafting the Jaapa Diet is an art form at Livsatvik. Procuring ingredients like the elusive "Sathwa Saunth" and "Desi Khand" demands precision and dedication. Our in-house processes include raising desi cows, churning butter, and creating golden elixir desi cow bilona ghee. Transforming raw ingredients into usable forms is a laborious, skill-intensive process, ensuring the utmost authenticity. Even the drinking water for the mother is elevated to a therapeutic level with "Battise ka potli," a blend of over 30 ingredients carefully crafted through pounding and sieving.

Fortifying Traditional Wisdom for the 21st Century

In an era where ancestral knowledge is fading, Livsatvik stands as a guardian, blending the wisdom of our cultural heritage with the needs of 21st-century mothers. Our personalized postpartum hampers address modern concerns such as postpartum depression, lactation challenges, weight loss, and fatigue.

Health Benefits of the Jaapa Diet

The benefits of our Jaapa Diet are vast, incorporating elements like “Ajwain Heeng Pachak” for constipation prevention, “Mishri Gulkand” for stomach cooling, and “Sitopaladi” for cold and cough prevention. Each component is meticulously chosen to cater to the holistic well-being of the mother.

Recommended Foods During the Postpartum Period

Our recommended foods, like almonds, carom seeds, edible gum, coconut, garden cress seeds, sesame seeds, ghee, and turmeric, are carefully selected to offer a spectrum of benefits, from enhancing hair luster to supporting spine strength.

At Livsatvik, we invite you to embark on a journey where tradition and innovation converge seamlessly. Join us in providing a holistic postpartum care experience for mothers and their precious newborns. Livsatvik – where the essence of Jaapa thrives in every nourishing bite, catering to a global audience with authenticity and care.